tlillig: Piggie races
tlillig: Beach in Hana, Maui, Hawaii.
tlillig: Waimoku Falls
tlillig: Green Sea Turtle
tlillig: Hana, Maui, Hawaii
tlillig: Sunbathing
tlillig: Keep your head above water
tlillig: Waimoku Falls
tlillig: Hanging on!
tlillig: Maui sunset
tlillig: Hawaiian plumeria, I think. Please comment if you know otherwise.
tlillig: Final rays of the day.
tlillig: Storm arrival.
tlillig: Moon, stars, sea, sunset, and an airplane.
tlillig: Rainbow land
tlillig: Bamboo forrest
tlillig: Moon over Maui.
tlillig: Stars and moon falling on Molokai Island.
tlillig: Tropical and cold.
tlillig: I love mud!
tlillig: Admiring.
tlillig: Beijing. National Centre for the Performing Arts.
tlillig: Heavens over Paris
tlillig: Energetic.
tlillig: Happy cows.
tlillig: California cows, poppies, and oaks.
tlillig: Calm and vibrant.
tlillig: Cliffside dining
tlillig: Relaxed.
tlillig: Wood frame.