Tazmanic: Dug in deep
Tazmanic: Up, and down (in Explore)
Tazmanic: My angel is a centerfold
Tazmanic: Way higher than the sun
Tazmanic: Game changer
Tazmanic: Unconditional (in Explore)
Tazmanic: Someday girl, I don't know when
Tazmanic: Go higher and higher
Tazmanic: But you know, I know when it's a dream
Tazmanic: Que sera, let's go sailing on
Tazmanic: The moment you realize your opponent is a Grandmaster Champion
Tazmanic: Before we sold the world (in Explore)
Tazmanic: Dream with me again
Tazmanic: This is your song
Tazmanic: Grey brick road
Tazmanic: Guiding lights
Tazmanic: I’m a tiger, when I want love
Tazmanic: Did you cast a spell on me?
Tazmanic: You're all that is love (in Explore)
Tazmanic: There were voices
Tazmanic: Love you for ever and forever
Tazmanic: Life's a beach!
Tazmanic: Runaway American dream
Tazmanic: Swiss Precision
Tazmanic: The new New York (in Explore)
Tazmanic: The quack-up
Tazmanic: Spring wonderland
Tazmanic: Bitten Apple
Tazmanic: American Chateau (in Explore)
Tazmanic: Walking on air