Tazmanic: They just can't kill the beast
Tazmanic: I feel so close to you right now
Tazmanic: My dreams, they aren't as empty
Tazmanic: Surrounded by confusion
Tazmanic: Any way the wind blows
Tazmanic: My love is vengeance that’s never free
Tazmanic: I believe in the promised land
Tazmanic: I know you've deceived me
Tazmanic: I saw a shimmering light
Tazmanic: It's always tease, tease, tease
Tazmanic: The Greatest Generation
Tazmanic: A Tale of Two Cities
Tazmanic: I'm in Miami..., beach!
Tazmanic: Blinded by the light
Tazmanic: It's alright it's alright, she said
Tazmanic: Can't take my eyes off of you
Tazmanic: I made a wish
Tazmanic: If I could take one moment into my hands
Tazmanic: Fire in the sky
Tazmanic: Good morning Miami
Tazmanic: My city by the bay
Tazmanic: Give me love, give me hope
Tazmanic: I'll stand by you, always, always
Tazmanic: All she ever thinks about, riding with the wind
Tazmanic: Every step you take
Tazmanic: Imagine all the people
Tazmanic: The Tempest
Tazmanic: You've got to give for what you take
Tazmanic: An eruption in Italy
Tazmanic: Nowhere to go