CloudRipR: Fall Reflection
CloudRipR: South Fork Shadows
CloudRipR: Golden Grove
CloudRipR: Fall Storm
CloudRipR: Aspen in Change
CloudRipR: Long Lake
CloudRipR: Fall Spendor
CloudRipR: Cold morning on the trail
CloudRipR: Storm rolling in
CloudRipR: Bishop Creek Color
CloudRipR: Stream
CloudRipR: McGee Creek
CloudRipR: Fall in the Mountains
CloudRipR: Clouds In Kings Canyon
CloudRipR: Rock Creek
CloudRipR: Simple Stream
CloudRipR: Fall Color on Bishop Creek
CloudRipR: North Lake
CloudRipR: Fall on Rock Creek
CloudRipR: Golden Hillside
CloudRipR: Quiet Fall Moment
CloudRipR: Fall Splendor - Bishop Creek
CloudRipR: Aspen Brilliance
CloudRipR: Sage Sunrise - Bishop CA
CloudRipR: Yellow Aspen
CloudRipR: The View
CloudRipR: Mount Tom