Bennilover: Benni can run!
Bennilover: "Should we trade the Mini for an electric?"
Bennilover: "Yes please, look how good we are."
Bennilover: Benni finds a Merry Go Round
Bennilover: "How many more meet and greets before I can go home?"
Bennilover: Benni's message for today
Bennilover: Benni with my first manual settings
Bennilover: Benni and her BDFs - (best dog friends)
Bennilover: " Come on - did you really think I wanted to meet Gracie?"
Bennilover: Benni, the Sycamore Queen
Bennilover: Benni waiting for her friends
Bennilover: "Can we take this home with us? I look good in this color."
Bennilover: "We go on a 'what's new in the neighborhood' walk" by Benni
Bennilover: Shameless Benni, wanting her tummy rubbed
Bennilover: I Care
Bennilover: Benni the shopper in her favorite store
Bennilover: Back to School for Benni
Bennilover: Benni and "Bad Dog" or Benni discovers ART!
Bennilover: Benni isn't bouncing......
Bennilover: Honestly, Benni, this isn't my fault......
Bennilover: Benni's back!
Bennilover: "I get my cone off and go to an EVENT." by Benni
Bennilover: "Dog training? What do you mean I'm here for dog training!"
Bennilover: "Take back my leash, please."
Bennilover: Benni at the groomers - "Didn't I use to have curls?"
Bennilover: HTT in Ticksville!
Bennilover: Spring Break!
Bennilover: Benni models her new magic below
Bennilover: Flower Girl Benni
Bennilover: Sharing Benni love......