aleshurik: Little housekeeper..
aleshurik: He is a painter..
aleshurik: blessed by the light..
aleshurik: morning at the river..
aleshurik: Olkhon
aleshurik: Cozy rainy evening..
aleshurik: Dasha
aleshurik: the breath of thunderstorm
aleshurik: Yamal 2021
aleshurik: Romanian farm..
aleshurik: Somebody over the clouds
aleshurik: Just a perfect day..))
aleshurik: exhausted :)
aleshurik: somebody over the clouds...
aleshurik: Waiting..
aleshurik: once at the station
aleshurik: she is the light..
aleshurik: Indigo..
aleshurik: they love dirty roads..
aleshurik: the Reindeer Breeder Day..
aleshurik: People of Yamal..
aleshurik: People of Yamal
aleshurik: People of Yamal..
aleshurik: It's me..