LeftCoastKenny: End of the line, almost
LeftCoastKenny: Lost bag
LeftCoastKenny: Blue Witch
LeftCoastKenny: No real name
LeftCoastKenny: Bay view
LeftCoastKenny: Warriors
LeftCoastKenny: Manzanita
LeftCoastKenny: Man-root
LeftCoastKenny: The neighborhood
LeftCoastKenny: Stingers out
LeftCoastKenny: Wow! What a display!
LeftCoastKenny: A Trio of Trillium
LeftCoastKenny: Starting to show
LeftCoastKenny: Eye Candy
LeftCoastKenny: Unidentified
LeftCoastKenny: Milkmaids
LeftCoastKenny: Hound's Tongue
LeftCoastKenny: Slink Pod
LeftCoastKenny: We were warned
LeftCoastKenny: Narcissus
LeftCoastKenny: The sky above
LeftCoastKenny: Memorial Grove
LeftCoastKenny: Redwood Center
LeftCoastKenny: Hike Map - Pulgas Ridge
LeftCoastKenny: And away we go
LeftCoastKenny: Final dessert
LeftCoastKenny: The bill...