super*dave: sunset over the Arkansas river
super*dave: Geese at Sunset
super*dave: Blue Hour Sunset
super*dave: Watching a sunset
super*dave: Fall at Winrock
super*dave: Holla Bend flood damage
super*dave: Fall at Holla Bend
super*dave: Bridge over Cedar Creek
super*dave: Winrock Sunset
super*dave: Oklahoma
super*dave: Frosty Leaf
super*dave: Unnamed Waterfall
super*dave: Me at the Devil's Den Spillway
super*dave: some fall colors
super*dave: Frost Oak Leaf
super*dave: Creek bed
super*dave: Frosty Morning
super*dave: Brothers
super*dave: Kodak Duaflex III
super*dave: Welcome to Arkoma City Limit.
super*dave: 1950 Ford Coupe
super*dave: 2006 Maserati Gransport interior
super*dave: 1950 Ford Coupe
super*dave: 1950 Ford Coupe interior
super*dave: Medical Arts Building
super*dave: shrooms
super*dave: shrooms
super*dave: Custer State Park
super*dave: Lost in the Flood
super*dave: CRSmalls Company Diner