Luc1659: Foschia sul lago
Luc1659: Stonehenge
Luc1659: Sinuosity
Luc1659: Alpe Corte
Luc1659: The abbey
Luc1659: Evanescence
Luc1659: Geometries
Luc1659: Sunset of fire
Luc1659: You're coming home
Luc1659: Orvieto, il duomo.
Luc1659: Verso il Roccolo
Luc1659: Blue sea
Luc1659: The “Fiore di pietra” in november
Luc1659: Today in the park in my country
Luc1659: The surprise in the woods
Luc1659: The last bath in autumn
Luc1659: Some time ago in Provence
Luc1659: Calatrava Tower
Luc1659: Venice at night
Luc1659: What kind are you?
Luc1659: The snow is back
Luc1659: Iris japonica
Luc1659: Troïtsé Serghiéva Làvra
Luc1659: Stonehenge as I see it
Luc1659: Sincrotrone ESRF di Grenoble
Luc1659: Out of season
Luc1659: The marina
Luc1659: The colors of Italian autumn
Luc1659: Lotus flower
Luc1659: The threesome