richwat2011: Scope End - 19.08.2006
richwat2011: Scope End 17.06.2007
richwat2011: Broadgate Tower Window Cleaners
richwat2011: Scope End - 20.09.2005
richwat2011: Kings Cross
richwat2011: Canary Wharf Underground Station
richwat2011: Emirates Cable Car - East London
richwat2011: Buttermere
richwat2011: Scope End 18.10.2007
richwat2011: HMS Ocean
richwat2011: View from Castle Crag
richwat2011: Shoreditch tube station
richwat2011: The Shard
richwat2011: Derwent water
richwat2011: London Buses in a line.
richwat2011: The Shard & London Bridge
richwat2011: The Shard
richwat2011: Ashness Bridge
richwat2011: Castlerigg Stone Circle
richwat2011: Palace of Westminster
richwat2011: The Shard at Night
richwat2011: Centenary Stone - Derwent Water
richwat2011: Stable Hills Farm
richwat2011: Scope End - 16.08.2008
richwat2011: Black Moss Pot - Langstrath Valley
richwat2011: Borrowdale from Surprise View
richwat2011: South of the Thames
richwat2011: South of the Thames
richwat2011: Aira Force
richwat2011: Castlerigg Stone Circle