richwat2011: Blue Face, North Greenwich
richwat2011: Pink Stetson - Hewett Street
richwat2011: Blue Face, North Greenwich
richwat2011: Canary Flavour
richwat2011: Lets Adore & Endure Each Other
richwat2011: Union Jack - Holywell Lane, Shoreditch.
richwat2011: Battle of Cable Street Mural
richwat2011: King John Court Railway
richwat2011: King John Court Angel
richwat2011: Holywell Lane Scene
richwat2011: This will be Available on Canvas Later
richwat2011: Los Bancos
richwat2011: Please wait here until you are Useful.
richwat2011: Welcome to Kinkao
richwat2011: Fail Better
richwat2011: Buxton Street, E1
richwat2011: The Bird
richwat2011: Hanbury Street, E1
richwat2011: A Spark on Hanbury Street
richwat2011: Extremism
richwat2011: London Pleasure Gardens
richwat2011: In Style We Trust
richwat2011: Hedgehog
richwat2011: Spelling Mistake????
richwat2011: Monkey See Monkey Do
richwat2011: Inverted Green Man
richwat2011: Grimsby Street E2
richwat2011: A Blue Scene
richwat2011: East London Comics & Arts Festival - Holywell Lane,E1
richwat2011: Street Art - Christina Street, EC2