Thomas Hawk: If You Could Only Stop Your Heart Beat For One Heart Beat
michele.palombi: Serata fiorentina
crush777roxx: ☀️ SUN DROP! (summer memories)
sam-i-am61: Art Festival
just joani: A 3-minute foliage tour through New England.
Thomas Hawk: Remind Me Again About Your Poison Heart
amedeo.fav: Sunset in Argimusco,Sicily
sam-i-am61: Untitled
sam-i-am61: These eyes.
sam-i-am61: the mask
Eduard Moldoveanu Photography: Golden Gate in the morning fog
michele.palombi: Gocce di Autunno
michele.palombi: Mezzogiorno di fuoco
Thomas Hawk: It's Enough
Thomas Hawk: Only Love
Thomas Hawk: Close Enough But Not Too Far
sam-i-am61: Love Like That.
Ardan.: Incandesce by the Seaside
Hongming Zheng: Welcome Back, Tanker 912 (IMG_2543)
michele.palombi: L'Amore è...
Thomas Hawk: I Can't Believe Where the Time Went
Alex CARPI: Orvieto
michele.palombi: Arezzo , sotto la pioggia.
michele.palombi: Cartoline da Lucca
michele.palombi: Lucca e le sue bici
michele.palombi: Strade di Arezzo