bukk05: NR25 and NR87 run XM4 steel train through Dooen
bukk05: 602 in Rainbow
bukk05: 4917 in Rainbow
bukk05: 4908 in Rainbow
bukk05: 4917 602 and 4908 are first timers loading an SSR grain at Rainbow GrainCorp
bukk05: BL33 and G520 sit with their split rake of grain wagons in Dimboola yard
bukk05: NR90 and NR110 run a shortish PM4 steel service just East of Dimboola
bukk05: 8111 is stabled on a rake of grain wagons in Dimboola yard
bukk05: VL70 and VL40 stable for the night at V/line’s Ballarat East yard
bukk05: VL36 sits at Ballarat East maintenance depo on a late afternoon
bukk05: 8131 and 8113 continue to load grain at Marmalake GrainCorp
bukk05: GM27’s crew gives the thumbs up for one of their drivers last run before retirement
bukk05: GM27 and 442s2 charge out of a cold Horsham with the AK Cars in tow
bukk05: GM27 and 442s2 bask under the stars while stabled in Horsham on the AK test cars
bukk05: CSR004 and SCT010 depart Horsham on PM9 in late winter sunlight
bukk05: NR92 NR91 and NR90 rocket through Pimpinio loop with a fresh crew
bukk05: NR92 NR91 and NR90 proceed into Dimboola after a 20min wait at the loop signal
bukk05: NR92 NR91 and NR90 roll a long PM5 on the approach to Dimboola loop
bukk05: G540 cuts a lone figure in Dimboola yard
bukk05: G513 and 4532 stabled at Dimboola GrainFlow with a second portion of an SSR domestic grain
bukk05: NR97 rolls a short XM4 steel train down the grade at Dalhen
bukk05: 8142 and 8149 wait for the all clear to enter the Marmalake GrainCorp loading facility
bukk05: 8142 and 8149 coast into Murtoa on an empty grain train movement from Dimboola
bukk05: UNI RICH
bukk05: G538 in Dooen
bukk05: NR58 and G538 run PM4 not far behind PM9 through Dooen
bukk05: SCT015 and SCT006 builds PM9 up to line speed as it approaches the Wimmera Hwy
bukk05: SCT015 and SCT006 now head PM9 for the last leg of their journey to Melbourne
bukk05: CSR001 glides into the WIFT siding at Dooen
bukk05: CSR001 cuts off from PM9 for use on SCT’s Dooen container service