bukk05: XR559 at Marmalake siding
bukk05: XR559 G523 and BL27 are stabled at the Marmalake GrainCorp siding on a Sunday afternoon
bukk05: NR8 G537 and 8120 leg XM4 out of Horsham after adding on 8120 in Dimboola
bukk05: W924 displayed at the Old Ghan Railway museum in Alice Springs
bukk05: NR48 rolls solo on XM4 steel train as it approaches Dooen
bukk05: GM22 in Dimboola
bukk05: 602 in Dimboola
bukk05: GM27 in Dimboola
bukk05: 44206 in Dimboola
bukk05: 44204 in Dimboola
bukk05: 44204 44206 GM27 602 and GM22 load an SSR grain at Dimboola grain flow site
bukk05: SCT005 SCT009 SCT004 and CSR012 depart Horsham right on dusk after a crew change on PM9
bukk05: NSU53 mounted on the side of the road in Alice Springs
bukk05: G539 and BL30 in Dimboola, cousins or brothers?
bukk05: G539 BL30 and LDP008 all stabled in Dimboola yard on a cool Saturday evening
bukk05: G539 stabled in Dimboola yard
bukk05: 8141 and BL27 shutdown in Dimboola as the sun quickly sets
bukk05: NR66 and AN2 lead XM4 steel train as they make their way past Jung
bukk05: NR84 in Dooen
bukk05: NR18 in Dooen
bukk05: NR84 and NR18 power into Dooen on PM5 in late afternoon sunshine
bukk05: SCT010 SCT009 CSR009 and CSR011 smoke it up out of Horsham on PM9
bukk05: SCT010 SCT009 CSR009 and CSR011 approach Horsham with the Grampians looming in the background
bukk05: 8165 is stabled on a rake of 20 grain wagons in Dimboola yard
bukk05: NR114 rides solo on PM4 departing Horsham with a mix of steel and container loading
bukk05: 8133 stabled in Horsham on a wet night behind the rail grinder in road 3 on the AK cars
bukk05: MMY034 Aurizon rail grinder is stabled in Horsham yard for the night after completing infrastructure work through the day
bukk05: NR84 and NR1 run PM5 into Jung on a wet and windy winters afternoon
bukk05: 8104 and LDP008 sit in a cold Dimboola yard awaiting their next duty
bukk05: CLP17 CLF6 and ALF20 pause in Dimboola on KA2 empty GWA grain after unloading in Geelong