bukk05: No.5 makes its first stop at Lynchford for water and tourist experience of panning for gold
bukk05: Mount Lyell No5 sits at Queenstown station with the 0900 wilderness service to Dubbil Barril
bukk05: V9 stabled outside the West Coast Wilderness Railway maintenance she’s in Queenstown
bukk05: 8149 is stabled on the AK Cars in Horsham after running over from Benalla
bukk05: NR46 and NR6 launch out of Horsham on a fully loaded PM6
bukk05: Mighty Murtoa Stick Shed
bukk05: NR34 charges the Overland towards the Wimmera Hwy crossing between Jung and Dooen
bukk05: NR31 at Dooen
bukk05: NR43 and NR31 make a colourful scene as they roll PM4 past a canola field at Dooen
bukk05: NR43 and NR31 ease past Dahlen silos on PM4 loaded steel service
bukk05: NR43 and NR31 notch up as they depart Dimboola with NR31’s first run in Great Southern colours
bukk05: CF4404 QBX002 and QBX005 load one half of KN2 QUBE grain with the second half stabled on the mainline
bukk05: NR42 on the Overland takes the loop line as QUBE occupy the grain loop and mainline
bukk05: 8101 and 8181 are stabled in Dimboola yard on 7732V loaded grain
bukk05: 8172 stabled in Murtoa along with a fitter truck inspecting the grain wagons
bukk05: 8176 and 8135 sit in Murtoa yard while having an inspection of the rolling stock
bukk05: XR559 X50 and G520 thunder by the Massey silos on the empty Merbein freight
bukk05: XR559 X50 and G520 round the 50kph limit curve at Litchfield
bukk05: XR559 X50 and G520 crest the grade on the climb out of Donald
bukk05: XR559 X50 and G520 accelerates away from Donald on 7901V freight to Merbein
bukk05: X50 In Donald
bukk05: XR559 X50 and G520 sit in Donald yard pumping the air after shunting wagons into the sidings
bukk05: NR40 stops at Horsham station on AM8 Overland
bukk05: NR90 and NR13 sweep around the curve at Dooen on PM4 steel train
bukk05: NR90 and NR13 roll PM4 through Pimpinio loop on a gloomy Sunday morning
bukk05: NR40 leads Journey Beyond Rail’s Overland past one of the many flowering canola fields in the Wimmera
bukk05: C504 in Dimboola
bukk05: 4911 in Dimboola
bukk05: 4532 in Dimboola
bukk05: C507 in Dimboola