drzoidbergh: arctic beach at sunset
drzoidbergh: Industrial Sunrise
drzoidbergh: Bright red bridge across the wastelands
drzoidbergh: bright snowcaps under a darkening sky
drzoidbergh: The Tower on the Mountain Top
drzoidbergh: fisherboat before sunrise [Explored 03.02.2024]
drzoidbergh: Dramatic light on distant mountain ranges
drzoidbergh: Tegernsee Panorama
drzoidbergh: reaching for the light
drzoidbergh: anchorage in the shadow of a high cliff
drzoidbergh: pink before sunrise
drzoidbergh: the icing on the branch is what makes winter so sweet
drzoidbergh: last shimmer of a setting sun [explored 10.02.2024]
drzoidbergh: The path leading home
drzoidbergh: crystalline desert
drzoidbergh: behind the wall of trees there hides a lake [explored 15.01.2024]
drzoidbergh: blue london
drzoidbergh: Were cities ever meant to live in?
drzoidbergh: Attentive sentinel
drzoidbergh: That famous place
drzoidbergh: watching
drzoidbergh: frozen lake
drzoidbergh: Floating
drzoidbergh: Winter in the forest
drzoidbergh: Flooded meadows at sunset
drzoidbergh: valley of snowcovered trees
drzoidbergh: First light on the castle
drzoidbergh: St Coloman after sunrise
drzoidbergh: admirers of the mad kings castle
drzoidbergh: Calm lake in the alps