Mlehrman1313: One way. Or Another.
Mlehrman1313: North River
Mlehrman1313: Those whom are carried...
Mlehrman1313: Other People's Problems
Mlehrman1313: Waiting man
Mlehrman1313: Running man, 2nd Avenue
Mlehrman1313: 1st Avenue
Mlehrman1313: 103rd Street
Mlehrman1313: This Machine Kills Fascists (Washington Square Park)
Mlehrman1313: Shell of Middle Collegiate Church
Mlehrman1313: Leaves blowing over the Alleghany River, Pittsburgh
Mlehrman1313: GEM SPA (St Marks & 2nd Avenue), 2015
Mlehrman1313: East 6th Street Flowers
Mlehrman1313: Lime Tree Market, January 2015
Mlehrman1313: Roof of Whitney Museum
Mlehrman1313: Joggers, East River
Mlehrman1313: All that Glitters...
Mlehrman1313: West 14th Street
Mlehrman1313: Open for Business, Times Square
Mlehrman1313: 1st avenue
Mlehrman1313: Fleur-de-Nuit
Mlehrman1313: Dispensary, Lower East Side
Mlehrman1313: Crossing 3rd Avenue
Mlehrman1313: 360 1st Avenue
Mlehrman1313: Hailing a Cab, 1st Avenue
Mlehrman1313: On the receiving end, Brooklyn
Mlehrman1313: 2nd Street
Mlehrman1313: Going On Now
Mlehrman1313: 1st Avenue, Some December