Xena*best friend*: Richard Gere ☼
Giancarlo Rado: Italians
latteriasociale: masterworks
tanitzergh: A Monti
tanitzergh: A Monti
Gareth Trefor Llompart: Thunderegg with feldspar
rdwaters: “Elroy in the Cat Tree”
Radmila A.: Forget what we're told...
Christine_S.: purple roses
prenez soin de vous , take care of yourself: coquelicot dans le blé , poppy in wheat
rdwaters: “Seven-Sisters Rose (‘Rosa multiflora’)”
cindiefearnall: Monarch on Goldenrod
cindiefearnall: Monarch on Salvia
cindiefearnall: Knechtel Mill
musymas: Bettina...
musymas: ¡Feliz Navidad!
musymas: Tusi...
musymas: Petunia...
Xena*best friend*: George Clooney ☼
Xena*best friend*: Britney ♣
Xena*best friend*: Basketball Kitty :-))
Xena*best friend*: Super Flying Boss ☼
Rita Rojas: 2020-04-02 - Lucy likes to Snooze, take that camera out of my face please !!
Rita Rojas: 2020-04-21 - Behind us is Sunshine -
Rita Rojas: 2020-04-21 - Here too, looks like Winter, not for to far, Sunshein but very Windy -
Rita Rojas: 2020-05-01 - We in Love - Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal -
Rita Rojas: 2020-05-07 - Last Super-moon of 2020 - Flower Moon -