Joey Z1: Colors of L.A.'s Leimert Park
Joey Z1: Women Leaving Art & Practice
Joey Z1: Documenting Life In Leimert Park
Joey Z1: Street Scene Leimert Park L.A. With Mural
Joey Z1: Red Carpet - Shoe Bling
Joey Z1: Cupcake Truck - So LA!
Joey Z1: Night Scene - Royal Pawn Shop
Joey Z1: Late Night Taco Truck L.A.
Joey Z1: Grand Ave. - MOCA, Los angeles
Joey Z1: Arrow At The Curve
Joey Z1: Oblivious To Her Surroundings
Joey Z1: End Of The Swim 1/1/2020
Joey Z1: Coming Out Of The Pacific - Polar Bear Swim 2020
Joey Z1: Photo Of Her Kids, Polar Bear Swim 2020
Joey Z1: Senior Polar Bear Swimmer
Joey Z1: Newscaster entertaining the kids at the Polar Bear Swim
Joey Z1: Jumping Into The Pacific - Polar Bear Swim!
Joey Z1: Mother With Her Family Being Interviewed
Joey Z1: 2020 Polar Queen & King
Joey Z1: Past Polar Bear King's & Queen's
Joey Z1: Steps of the Walt Disney Concert Hall
Joey Z1: Looking Into The Plaza - Disney Concert Hall
Joey Z1: Walking Through the Cavernous Disney Concert Hall
Joey Z1: Within The Curves, Shadows And Sunlight
Joey Z1: Late Night Scene - Front of Spurth Magers
Joey Z1: Merry Christmas From All Of Us To You!
Joey Z1: Street Scene Style - Los Angeles
Joey Z1: Getting that Shot Of Her Taking That Shot!
Joey Z1: Group Walking Through The Green Grass and Admiring The Sunset
Joey Z1: Mediating While Waiting For The Storm