chezel84: sunset in Drumchapel
chezel84: looking up the hill
chezel84: the rain falling over the Kilpatrick Hills
chezel84: Harrow Place from Kinfauns Drive
chezel84: chimney debris uncleared from the long ago demolition of Invercanny Drive
chezel84: looking to the Water Tower
chezel84: facing 15, 27 & 39 Linkwood Crescent
chezel84: walking down Invercanny Drive
chezel84: looking westwards
chezel84: a beautiful sunny winter's morning
chezel84: looking towards Linkwood flats
chezel84: looking towards former Airgold Place
chezel84: looking towards Linkwood flats
chezel84: undisturbed snow
chezel84: time well spent!!
chezel84: a winter sunset
chezel84: looking towards the Kilpatrick Hills - January 2013
chezel84: red sky in the morning - January 2013
chezel84: Me & my baby - Christmas Day 2012
chezel84: sunsetting on another day in Drumchapel with my daughters running about
chezel84: looking up to Water Towers
chezel84: looking into Ledmore Drive
chezel84: overlooking some of central Drumchapel
chezel84: heading home to Ledmore Drive
chezel84: sunrise over Dewar Drive, Drumchapel
chezel84: black & white depiction facing towards Airgold Drive
chezel84: thus ends a cold day in Drumchapel
chezel84: a cold December day
chezel84: Drumchapel sun set
chezel84: More of Glasgow's skyline