Mr. Nixon: Here's an unfinished one from a couple months ago.
Halloween HJB: WACIK, Franz. Hexe mit Pilzmännchen.
ondiraiduveau: Andy Virgil
Cadwalader Ringgold: There be Dragons 001 from Stealer of Souls - Lancer pb- published 1967 - artist Gaughan
gameraboy: The Solar Invasion, paperback cover by Frank Frazetta, 1968
x-ray delta one: 1967 ... in, in, in!
swallace99: Crest Books s452 - Ngaio Marsh - False Scent
x-ray delta one: 1966 ... 'Harper'
swallace99: Dell Books 696 - A. E. Van Vogt - Slan
Husky Collector: 1965 Columbia ESRF 1598 Shirley Bassey "Goldfinger" EP
Make It Old: Thunder on the Mountain, by Giff Cheshire
Make It Old: Grass Beyond the Mountains, by Richmond P. Hobson, Jr.
gameraboy: The Corpse that Came Calling, paperback cover by Robert McGinnis, 1964
gameraboy: Splash (1984) promotional art by Robert McGinnis
gameraboy: Murder Is My Business, paperback cover, 1963 by Robert McGinnis
gameraboy: Cover to Mike Shayne's Never Kill a Client, 1963 by Robert McGinnis
gameraboy: When the Tracks Ran Out by Robert McGinnis
gameraboy: Lost Patrol by Robert McGinnis, 1984
gameraboy: Lone Rider by Robert McGinnis
gameraboy: Comanche Land by Robert McGinnis
gameraboy: Timbalier, paperback cover by Robert McGinnis
Tokyocowboy: mb-autumn-02
maraid: russian animal matchbox label
Halloween HJB: HASSALL, John. The Poster, Nº 2, July 1898
Halloween HJB: HASSALL, John. Little Red Riding Hood, 1898
Boston Public Library: Vancouver Island. Golf every day of the year
Shook Photos: I Miss You - Postcard
Shook Photos: Short But Sweet - Postcard