anitabower: Sycamores
anitabower: Heart Shaped Leaves 2
anitabower: Heart Shaped Leaf 1
anitabower: Floppy-Disk 2
anitabower: Floppy-Disc
anitabower: Oak Leaves
anitabower: Winter Aconite
anitabower: Dry Milkweed Pod
anitabower: Notebook
anitabower: Airport-BWI
anitabower: More Snow!
anitabower: Chinese Checkers Marbles
anitabower: Maryland License Plate
anitabower: Echinacea seed head with frost
anitabower: Our home with snow
anitabower: Grain Silo Complex
anitabower: Great Horned Owl
anitabower: Covered Bridge Detail
anitabower: Queen Anne's Lace Family
anitabower: Queen Anne's Lace with Snow No. 2
anitabower: Queen Anne's Lace with Snow
anitabower: Winter Queen Anne's Lace
anitabower: Water drops on Cyclamen Petal
anitabower: Tree Silhouette
anitabower: New Leaf
anitabower: Bright Cyclamen
anitabower: Slate Roof on Older Mansion
anitabower: Two Winter Leaves #2
anitabower: Dry Echinacea
anitabower: Tines of a Serving Fork