BigSky47539: Autumnal Colours - Not Quite
BigSky47539: A Castle by the River Exe
BigSky47539: One for the Kettle Brigade!
BigSky47539: Into the Light, Briefly!
BigSky47539: Doing the job it was built for!
BigSky47539: The Crown Engines Houses, Botallack
BigSky47539: There's a Buzz About
BigSky47539: The Tortoise & The Hare
BigSky47539: The Magic Roundabout
BigSky47539: Godrevy Sunset
BigSky47539: Scottish Turk
BigSky47539: Overground Underground
BigSky47539: Back to the Future!
BigSky47539: Hired In
BigSky47539: Storming
BigSky47539: So that's where the wife disappeared to last weekend....
BigSky47539: Wylye Valley Tug
BigSky47539: Rubbish from Liverpool
BigSky47539: Classic View
BigSky47539: Through the Curves
BigSky47539: From Hull to...Nowhere!
BigSky47539: The Elusive Centurion
BigSky47539: Early Morning Riser
BigSky47539: The Early Bird Catches the "Scotsman"
BigSky47539: Seaside Growler
BigSky47539: Hot Afternoon Freight
BigSky47539: CP Reflection
BigSky47539: 3 Crossings
BigSky47539: Finding a Hole....
BigSky47539: Curious Onlookers!