James_D_Images: Real as anything you've seen
noussa noussa: Gion-Kyoto-Japan
Mrs.WQ: Autumn Awesomeness...#1
AreKev: Harbour at Craster
Wes Iversen: Bottom Of The Bag
jackalope22: Autumn at Split Rock Lighthouse
Hulya in Portland: Cannon Beach, Oregon: beach grass I
Mister Blur: Tower of strength
LuciaB: Pink Lake, Gatineau Park
Sisu Forever: Happy Friday Everyone!
dxd379: Ribbon of Fog - Good Morning Pittsburgh
sandromars: Montecorona: Crypt of the Basilica of the Abbey. Very coveted for weddings. It is a real charm when it is dressed for the occasion.
Mercy Aeterna: Reach For The Sky
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manxelalvarez: CADA XOVES UNHA FLOR.
jim.choate59: Doll Abandoned Window 1846 A
Therese Beck: Southern Elephant Seal, Antarctica
Therese Beck: Istanbul, Turkey - Sultanahmet Mosque / Blue Mosque
James_D_Images: Autumn evening
boriches: The Diner
pawprints: FALL
pdxpointer: ... the sun was down....
AreKev: Abbots Pool
Mrs.WQ: Taking it to the City Streets-Dallas
dxd379: Franconia Notch from Cannon Mtn Pano
SF knitter: Color our world
noussa noussa: Red Rose-Tokyo-Japan
Vie Lipowski: Doing Lady Things ツ