susie2778: I'm outta here!
susie2778: All puffed up!
susie2778: Bullfinch in the golden glow of the morning light!
susie2778: Sun worshiping whilst eating breakfast!
susie2778: A stealthy approach! (Explored)
susie2778: The perfect perch! (Explored)
susie2778: Male Grey-Headed Woodpecker
susie2778: Willow tit
susie2778: A cheery "Red" to brighten your day! (Explored)
susie2778: A portrait - male bullfinch in the snow
susie2778: European Jay
susie2778: Taking flight - Willow tit
susie2778: Bullfinch sitting pretty as a picture!
susie2778: Little Blue!
susie2778: Another dustup!
susie2778: Lick smackingly good!
susie2778: Another flighty GSW
susie2778: Male bullfinch taking flight!
susie2778: Red in the golden light!
susie2778: GSW takes off
susie2778: GO AWAY!
susie2778: Greenfinch (Christmas tree angel)
susie2778: Aerial ballet
susie2778: Get behind me buddy, I'll protect you!
susie2778: Goshawk
susie2778: Naturally framed
susie2778: Mrs (Bokeh) Bullfinch!
susie2778: Eurasian Jay
susie2778: Greenfinches
susie2778: Complementary colours!