auntneecey: ok 2017, let's do this
auntneecey: fill your paper with the breathings of your heart ― William Wordsworth
auntneecey: setting goals
auntneecey: you are my love story...
auntneecey: i want to live!
auntneecey: frozen bubbles or what i do when it's 6° outside
auntneecey: stillness
auntneecey: let's get cracking
auntneecey: livin' on the edge
auntneecey: bite me
auntneecey: juicy slices of goodness
auntneecey: life shrinks or expands according to one's courage -- Anais Nin
auntneecey: finding my passion
auntneecey: it's better in brown
auntneecey: hey whatcha doin'?
auntneecey: you are unlimited
auntneecey: silos
auntneecey: jarred
auntneecey: lights will guide you home
auntneecey: peary dark day
auntneecey: gritty silverware
auntneecey: bottled morning glow
auntneecey: bottle bokeh
auntneecey: make your own rainbows
auntneecey: plan b
auntneecey: pour some bokeh on me
auntneecey: let me pour you a drink
auntneecey: that's the transluscent life...
auntneecey: i didn't set out to take another bottle photo
auntneecey: imagine