marin.tomic: let's hit the beach!
marin.tomic: urban beach feel
marin.tomic: I was in Barcelona!
marin.tomic: Santa Maria del Mar
marin.tomic: high noon
marin.tomic: there is light...somewhere
marin.tomic: the night is young
marin.tomic: alleys of Barceloneta
marin.tomic: beachgoers
marin.tomic: Mediterranean beauty
marin.tomic: Casa Milà postcard
marin.tomic: vortex
marin.tomic: curves
marin.tomic: hole in the roof
marin.tomic: Sagrada Familia
marin.tomic: beaches of Barcelona
marin.tomic: shadowplay
marin.tomic: cruisin'
marin.tomic: Rambla del Mar
marin.tomic: seagull attack
marin.tomic: Rambla
marin.tomic: Tibidabo
marin.tomic: wasting time
marin.tomic: just frame it
marin.tomic: at the end of the road
marin.tomic: they do resist
marin.tomic: the fog
marin.tomic: shrouded in mist
marin.tomic: villa with a view