marin.tomic: souvenirs from Croatia
marin.tomic: Istrian way of life
marin.tomic: Mediterranean beauty
marin.tomic: roofs of Rovinj
marin.tomic: laundry day
marin.tomic: relax and take your time
marin.tomic: late afternoon light
marin.tomic: plava laguna
marin.tomic: lonely boat
marin.tomic: the house with the blue door
marin.tomic: church by the sea
marin.tomic: GET LIVING!
marin.tomic: sunken boat
marin.tomic: parking lots
marin.tomic: under the Croatian sun
marin.tomic: scarlet house
marin.tomic: walk through
marin.tomic: Rovinj sunset
marin.tomic: deep blue
marin.tomic: what's your choice?
marin.tomic: on the rocks
marin.tomic: at crossoads
marin.tomic: meow :D
marin.tomic: going down
marin.tomic: Rovinj
marin.tomic: sick of cycling
marin.tomic: it's summertime
marin.tomic: walking the alleys of Rovinj
marin.tomic: maritime