marin.tomic: Ciao Venezia!
marin.tomic: il gondoliere
marin.tomic: Venice moment
marin.tomic: romantic Venice
marin.tomic: open and closed
marin.tomic: Ponte dell' Accademia view
marin.tomic: colori di Venezia
marin.tomic: Piazza San Marco
marin.tomic: colorful living
marin.tomic: silent canals
marin.tomic: Canale Grande
marin.tomic: Venetian souvenirs
marin.tomic: take me to a secret place
marin.tomic: al fresco
marin.tomic: Venice playboy
marin.tomic: good old days
marin.tomic: vintage postcard
marin.tomic: ghosts of Venice
marin.tomic: late afternoon in the lagoon
marin.tomic: charm of the canals
marin.tomic: a night in Venice
marin.tomic: bridges of Venice
marin.tomic: underneath the Rialto Bridge
marin.tomic: expensive ride
marin.tomic: 'o sole mio
marin.tomic: gondola inspector
marin.tomic: Calle del Magazen
marin.tomic: first glimpse of Venice
marin.tomic: Basilica di San Marco
marin.tomic: red waters on a blue canvas