marin.tomic: Shanghai views
marin.tomic: taxi frenzy
marin.tomic: city of blinding lights
marin.tomic: just smile
marin.tomic: China's future
marin.tomic: no light at the end of the tunnel
marin.tomic: living in old Shanghai
marin.tomic: time stood still
marin.tomic: the future is now
marin.tomic: Grand Hyatt, Shanghai
marin.tomic: by the Huangpu River
marin.tomic: urban sprawl
marin.tomic: razor blade sharp
marin.tomic: old Shanghai
marin.tomic: back in the days
marin.tomic: top of the world
marin.tomic: gate to the world
marin.tomic: times change
marin.tomic: Shanghai nights are glitzy
marin.tomic: Jinmao Tower
marin.tomic: Chinese at heart
marin.tomic: a moment of peace in the big city
marin.tomic: SWFC & JinMao
marin.tomic: Shanghai turns its lights on
marin.tomic: what does it mean?
marin.tomic: smog in Shanghai
marin.tomic: game stop
marin.tomic: the flag
marin.tomic: the shrine