marin.tomic: Louvre
marin.tomic: Eiffel Tower from Trocadero
marin.tomic: Notre Dame
marin.tomic: Paris sunset
marin.tomic: Pont Neuf
marin.tomic: Pont Alexandre III
marin.tomic: Moulin Rouge ft. Black and White
marin.tomic: romance
marin.tomic: higher
marin.tomic: afternoon sun in the City of Lights
marin.tomic: p_____________A_____ris
marin.tomic: La Grande Dame
marin.tomic: lovers in Paris
marin.tomic: vue d'Orsay
marin.tomic: Arc de Triomphe
marin.tomic: bouquinistes
marin.tomic: Paris, all over again
marin.tomic: over the Parisian roofs
marin.tomic: Notre Dame moment
marin.tomic: La Pyramide du Louvre
marin.tomic: Champs Élysées
marin.tomic: was winter in Paris
marin.tomic: Musée d'Orsay
marin.tomic: Sacre Coeur
marin.tomic: Seine promenade
marin.tomic: Fontaine Stravinsky
marin.tomic: glitter in the air
marin.tomic: Galeries Lafayette
marin.tomic: Grand Palais
marin.tomic: Centre Pompidou