Frank Hendriks Photography: I learned a long time ago that life introduces young people to situations they are in no way prepared for, even good girls, lucky girls who want for nothing.
Cederskjold Photo: Abandoned
u_beeh: Out There
u_beeh: Out There
#Ralf Markert#: Erfolgreich.....
#Ralf Markert#: Ballerina...
Baz Price: Lower Manhattan
paullangton: Yellow, green & blue
Carl T Pickering: "Island Shore"
Neil. Moralee: When you discover you don't like it.
reinhardP: Berlin 1988 mit dem Linienbus am Elefantentor
reinhardP: Berlin Wannsee - Taxen am Bahnhof 1988
reinhardP: Berlin Maxim Kino mit Werbung für einen Film August 1979
jocadovi61: 1135 Bretagne. Josselin.
mariuszj8: DSC_0717 Kelibia Fort Tunisia
RadarO´Reilly: Curve To The Sea
RadarO´Reilly: Going To Sea
malioli: A stalker and his prey
s0340248: DSC40018 Würzburg - Hofgarten 2022
s0340248: DSC40015 Würzburg - Hofgarten 2022
s0340248: DSC40016 Würzburg - Hofgarten 2022
s0340248: DSC40017 Würzburg - Hofgarten 2022
B℮n: Serene Ma-river meandering through the dense forest of Mae Charim National Park
wdeck: Donau bei Bratislava
wdeck: Norwegen
wdeck: Norwegen