juergenl2305: Ben Nevis hiding under the covers
juergenl2305: Rigg Viewpoint
juergenl2305: Village on the slopes of Quiraing
juergenl2305: 15000 years ago ...
juergenl2305: Winner of the wettest clothes contest
juergenl2305: Flodigarry (Flodaigearraidh)
juergenl2305: 1 lane road Quiraing
juergenl2305: NC500 Wetland on the way to Applecross
juergenl2305: soaked to the bottom @ Neist Point
juergenl2305: lonely buddies
juergenl2305: NC500 under the rainbow to Torridon
juergenl2305: Beinn Eighe
juergenl2305: on par with ben nevis
juergenl2305: Applecross Pass Bealach na Ba
juergenl2305: Cairngorms Cottage
juergenl2305: the long and windy road
juergenl2305: Ardvreck Castle Loch Assynt
juergenl2305: Over the Rainbow
juergenl2305: Glacier detectives Marker
juergenl2305: first snow on Beinn Dearg
juergenl2305: Loch Assynt
juergenl2305: Loch a' Chàirn Bhàin
juergenl2305: Drumbeg
juergenl2305: Loch Dubhaird Mor
juergenl2305: Assynt
juergenl2305: NC500 A838
juergenl2305: at the Smoo Cave
juergenl2305: Fall colors at Loch Eriboll
juergenl2305: don't forget the rubber boots
juergenl2305: wet from above and no roof