ericjohanssonphotography: Krystal - Colour
ericjohanssonphotography: Krystal Black and White
ericjohanssonphotography: Keerti's Birthday
ericjohanssonphotography: Cutting the cake
ericjohanssonphotography: Krystal and Keeti
ericjohanssonphotography: MyFlickrYear2023 Photo
ericjohanssonphotography: Fishing at Black Weir
ericjohanssonphotography: WWII Pallarenda Search Light Emplacement
ericjohanssonphotography: Krystal and Jay
ericjohanssonphotography: Toomulla Beach
ericjohanssonphotography: Late afternoon walk around Riverway
ericjohanssonphotography: Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas
ericjohanssonphotography: One of my favourite subjects, my wife and fellow photographer.
ericjohanssonphotography: Teddy Bears Picnic!
ericjohanssonphotography: Hinchinbrook Island from Cardwell Beach
ericjohanssonphotography: Krystal and Jay - Cungulla Beach
ericjohanssonphotography: Darling Harbour Sydney
ericjohanssonphotography: Townsville City
ericjohanssonphotography: Guilty Indulgence
ericjohanssonphotography: Krystal Black & White
ericjohanssonphotography: Kite Surfing - Cape Pallarenda
ericjohanssonphotography: Pallarenda Townsville
ericjohanssonphotography: Happy Mooncake Festival
ericjohanssonphotography: View from Castle Hill