*Darlene*: It was love from the start for these two crazy kids, and they've been together for so long now that they know what the other is thinking, just by the creaks in their bones.
JodyPix: Lonely
JodyPix: Ring
JodyPix: Fog
Craigford: First Baptist Church- Amherst, Nova Scotia
Craigford: Train Station- Amherst, Nova Scotia
Craigford: St. David's Presbyterian Church
Craigford: St. George's Presbyterian Church
Craigford: Bayhead Union Church
Craigford: Abandoned House
Craigford: Former Train Station- Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia
Craigford: Abandoned House
Craigford: Crocuses
Carolyn Arzac: Lumberjack-Ketchikan, Alaska
Iphigenia Dervisi: Olympic Flame in Thessaloniki
Iphigenia Dervisi: Olympic Flame in Thessaloniki
TV DiSKO: Serendipity, Wellington, New Zealand
Cari E: Tractor Fracture
d0gwalker: think global, drink local
d0gwalker: double 4
d0gwalker: blessed are the cheesemakers
Bob_Wall, Photon Capture Engineer: A Tilt-A-Whirl By Any Other Name...
flyingaxel: HA-MAL IL-14 at Budapest/Aeropark
flyingaxel: Budapest