mmoore1067: Mount Leinster View (Explored 15 4 2021)
mmoore1067: Light Jewels
mmoore1067: St. Fiaac's Church
mmoore1067: Roadside glorious daffodils
mmoore1067: Safe enclosure
mmoore1067: Interrupted
mmoore1067: Wildflower
mmoore1067: Fleeting moment
mmoore1067: Reflecting on self-awareness!
mmoore1067: Attractive “Weed”
mmoore1067: Fallen
mmoore1067: Plum blossom cluster
mmoore1067: Bird and Blossoms
mmoore1067: Spider amidst the heather
mmoore1067: Evening lit Catkins
mmoore1067: Plum blossoms
mmoore1067: Clonegal scenery
mmoore1067: Colour of Spring
mmoore1067: Aren't I a lovely Bird
mmoore1067: Heather
mmoore1067: Delicate Blossom
mmoore1067: Please can I stay?!!
mmoore1067: Rain Sun shower
mmoore1067: Huntingdon Castle surrounded
mmoore1067: Orange delight
mmoore1067: Scented plant
mmoore1067: Bumblebee
mmoore1067: Morning Beauty
mmoore1067: Raindrops
mmoore1067: Muscari - Blue Grape Hyacinths