drastic2: Frosty sunrise
drastic2: There’s more !
drastic2: Bring it on !! ££££££££££
drastic2: Moor Divock
drastic2: Space invader
drastic2: An iPhone picture. ( waiting for my Zero Image pinhole camera to arrive)
drastic2: Scanner
drastic2: Dark in there
drastic2: Morning warmth
drastic2: Red and green
drastic2: First contact. (Sheep)
drastic2: Untidy
drastic2: Spud. Getting hight.
drastic2: Adventurer
drastic2: Erosion
drastic2: Victim of sustained precipitation
drastic2: Appaws
drastic2: Odd one out
drastic2: Shallow
drastic2: It went thataway
drastic2: Group
drastic2: Track
drastic2: GR fungus
drastic2: Lonely rock
drastic2: HDR Spud
drastic2: Slippery
drastic2: Long shadows
drastic2: Sunrise
drastic2: Hole
drastic2: I sense wildlife