drastic2: High Hesket graveyard
drastic2: Cooling off
drastic2: Post walk. Mid day sun.
drastic2: It went that way
drastic2: Broomrigg stone circle. (Partial)
drastic2: Root 66
drastic2: Stretch
drastic2: Loosing altitude
drastic2: Wide view
drastic2: There she blows !
drastic2: In training
drastic2: Spud hdr
drastic2: “I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.”
drastic2: River flare. Ondu 6x6 rise
drastic2: Summerhouse doors. Ondu 6x6 rise
drastic2: Moles. Ondu 6x6 rise
drastic2: 102 visible moles
drastic2: In the window
drastic2: Add warmth
drastic2: Pay me attention !
drastic2: Dumb
drastic2: Temporary pond
drastic2: Ondo’s
drastic2: Profile
drastic2: Not a monotree. With Spud
drastic2: Monotree
drastic2: Loss of traction
drastic2: Below
drastic2: Small