MarjieM777: female Costas sipping on the aloe plant
MarjieM777: female on Mexican honeysuckle
MarjieM777: Look who paid me a visit this morning
MarjieM777: Anna's checking out the new aloe plant
MarjieM777: female hummingbird, probably a Costas
MarjieM777: I went to the garden center and came home with this "hot lips" salvia.
MarjieM777: Morning walk hawk-take off
MarjieM777: No hummingbirds were harmed durning this epic battle (that I know of)
MarjieM777: Explore February 21, 2024-Harris's Hawk (female)
MarjieM777: Evening walk hawk (male)
MarjieM777: Pyrrhuloxia in the desert scrub
MarjieM777: Love that purple!
MarjieM777: Mr. Beebs in the front yard
MarjieM777: Evening walk hawk
MarjieM777: Phainopepla or Black silky crested flycatcher
MarjieM777: Hawk take-off
MarjieM777: Morning walk hawk
MarjieM777: Vermillion flycatcher
MarjieM777: Easy Bird ID
MarjieM777: Male phainopepla at the neighbors
MarjieM777: Enjoying some patio time while waiting for the Superb Owl
MarjieM777: Mr. Fred swinging in to say hi
MarjieM777: In Memory: my dear husband Vaughn has passed
MarjieM777: The local GHO is back in his favorite spot
MarjieM777: Shine On You Crazy Diamond
MarjieM777: Explored February 3, 2024 Another shot of Mr. Beebs from the other day
MarjieM777: Mr. Beebs in the front yard
MarjieM777: A monarch butterfly landed in an orange tree
MarjieM777: Male Anna's on the patio
MarjieM777: Hawk flying over the house on a coudy day