thebeardedgroundsman: 2 young photographers
thebeardedgroundsman: Temagami Moonlight
thebeardedgroundsman: Train or Automobile?
thebeardedgroundsman: Playing to a packed house?!
thebeardedgroundsman: Reykavik Marina
thebeardedgroundsman: Heading to Bodo
thebeardedgroundsman: Arctic Shower
thebeardedgroundsman: Sailing through the arctic wastes
thebeardedgroundsman: Our Liquidamber in autumn colour
thebeardedgroundsman: Setubal caos - Portugal
thebeardedgroundsman: Castle Palmela - Portugal
thebeardedgroundsman: Palmela - Portugal
thebeardedgroundsman: East Coast road Iceland
thebeardedgroundsman: Cycle parking - Reykavik
thebeardedgroundsman: Nantwich Church
thebeardedgroundsman: Le chat "Noire"
thebeardedgroundsman: River Kennat @ Ufton
thebeardedgroundsman: Canada Geese
thebeardedgroundsman: New Autumn daybreak
thebeardedgroundsman: Time to get up!
thebeardedgroundsman: Only two geese
thebeardedgroundsman: Formation training for geese
thebeardedgroundsman: Dawn of the Autumn Equinox
thebeardedgroundsman: Ducks flying south
thebeardedgroundsman: The Modern equivalent to a fag break
thebeardedgroundsman: Ducks @ Dawn