Lo London: palmetinho
Lo London: sometimes a savage
Lo London: She's safe and secure in her nest. I need a space like this!
Lo London: universes within universes
Lo London: who is this artist, with such a glorious palette?
Lo London: she wakes up beautiful
Lo London: we get each other
Lo London: I know this look
Lo London: nature, keeps doing her thing, she's oblivious to us
Lo London: Brazil, in the golden hour, it's brilliant colors reflected in a golden hue.
Lo London: remember dressing for work?
Lo London: this speaks to me of Brazil. the brilliant, tropical blue, skies, the abundance of flowers, every where you look, vivid colors, that can assult you and elevate you in the same moment. finding the value of maintaining things precious to you
Lo London: don't worry love, this will be a good week
Lo London: PSX_20200103_185436_mh1590338022386 nature doesn't care about quarantine or masks or self isolation. instead she wraps us all up in her embrace, merging everything, combining and creating and mutating
Lo London: Sunday morning quarantine with fresh brewed coffee for my muse
Lo London: she wants to play, him, not so much
Lo London: she's a good girl, and an absolutely, amazing, woman
Lo London: still classic design
Lo London: these eyes
Lo London: hidden in the foliage this morning, he keeps an eye on me during my morning walks
Lo London: variety and diversity
Lo London: catching her, in and out of the light
Lo London: another day, in Brazil
Lo London: as I open my eyes
Lo London: real love, I'm a little jealous
Lo London: tropical, exotic, mysterious, Brazil
Lo London: my favorite
Lo London: my wife told me she wants to eat a pastel, at the street market, we can't now, but this is a photo of her doing that from the past.
Lo London: Saturday, again
Lo London: she's my good girl, a sweetheart. she's brave and strong, she's loyal, full of love and devotion, and about as smart as she can be. a best friend.