Lo London: tiny blues hiding in the greens
Lo London: an evening rose, rosa floribunda, in the rain
Lo London: a beautiful yellow sulpher blossom finds my camera's focus
Lo London: finding a pink hibiscus
Lo London: about finding a little tranquility on a late afternoons walk.
Lo London: This is my good girl Molly. she is the "goodest of good girls" the loyalist of loyal friends, she's smart and attentive and brave and courageous. She's sensitive and caring, always ready to obey, always ready to please, always ready to play.
Lo London: eu pego uma abelha de mel, azul, em uma belissima macro de matinal
Lo London: getting to know a pink/red hibiscus up close. I capture this beautiful hibiscus blossom after the rain.
Lo London: is it possible to find beauty and wonder in a common dandelion
Lo London: an old fishing boat patiently waits for tomorrow's early dawn, Praia Ingleses in sun and blue.
Lo London: Praia Santinho in the morning light
Lo London: on an early morning walk, on a beautiful Brazilian beach, I found this 5 Star Orchid in the colors of the sun.
Lo London: capturando um pequeno momento de cor, de vida e luz na bela ilha tropical de Florianópolis, SC Brasil
Lo London: Capturing an early morning orchid, a Japanese varietal. A cloudy grey day creates this beautiful subtle light and amazing bokeh.
Lo London: I live in a land of orchids
Lo London: pink periwinkles caught in the early morning light
Lo London: Late season Spring Irises sit in a beautiful secret garden.
Lo London: I found this beautiful, little, burrowing owl on one of our morning walks. She's keeping an eye on me and my dog, Molly.
Lo London: a yellow Passion Flower catches the blue
Lo London: Hibiscus in Retrograde
Lo London: plumeria petals and the small rain drop
Lo London: the purple hibiscus after a rain
Lo London: Can we find the touch of God's hand in this simple blossom?
Lo London: This mornings lovely walk produced another keeper! This is a unique Transvaal Daisy of the FamiliyAsteraceae, native to Brazil and another specimen from my beautiful Garden of Eden.
Lo London: There are a million colors in the Brazilian palette. It's a quality of the amazing light and luminescence we have here. Things are clear and bright and electric. It's lovely.
Lo London: An up close and personal, macro-portrait of Miriam. Here she is as the girl next door, pretty, beautiful curvy and bright with her huge, toothy smile.
Lo London: Three Curlews hold a lakeside conference, at days end.
Lo London: She's in the mirror but even in and out of focus I catch her reflected beauty.
Lo London: along this beautiful mornings walk, I came across this fabulous Sulfer Cosmos blossom. It caught my breath and also my lens. It's a native of Mexico, central america and now, Brazil.
Lo London: this Hibiscus vignette shows the beauty of the city on the lake