Lo London: secrets, between friends
Lo London: hello little macro friend you are tiny, curious, and beautiful
Lo London: what a wonderful pleasure! to take my beautiful wife out to lunch
Lo London: visitando de novo, paradiso
Lo London: revealing the intimacy of nature, doritaenopsis orchid, Brazil
Lo London: the Lagoa, as a mirror, just before first light
Lo London: have you ever looked at a photo and thought, now that, was a very, very, good day.
Lo London: Stealing a moment, with a beautiful, black crowned night heron.
Lo London: one of our favorite flowering trees, frangapini blossoms in a pale, delicate and rare yellow
Lo London: a few minutes after sunset, the city sits in luminescent light,beautiful brazil
Lo London: in early morning light I find an almost mystical purple cosmo
Lo London: and even when beauty fades there is still beauty
Lo London: Taking Miriam to breakfast this morning
Lo London: about the happiness of honeybees
Lo London: catching the light, early morning in southern Brazil.
Lo London: the amazing colors of a red frangipani flower in full bloom
Lo London: my golden girl, fresh from the shower
Lo London: Brazil is green, very, very, green.
Lo London: the small study of a bleeding heart
Lo London: catching the early sun at the Lago
Lo London: Rosa do deserto, adenium obesum, the beautiful desert rose
Lo London: curves, tresses, satin skin, like a dream
Lo London: a humilde abelha um símbolo antigo na arte, literatura, arquitetura representa indústria, trabalho duro, dedicação, trabalho em equipe, energia e muito mais
Lo London: it's a place that will always surprise you give you more than you imagine or expect Bleeding Heart Vine
Lo London: disheveled and blurred a bit, she's more delicious than ever
Lo London: she wants me to take her to lunch
Lo London: here's my beautiful girl next door and her little kitty
Lo London: a moment`s pause, and a simple click
Lo London: a meditation on the simple beauty of a pink periwinkle
Lo London: and sometimes, she's my exotic beauty