michel di Méglio: Dad'Algorhythm...
aliceA321: Lights will guide you home.
aliceA321: Cloud 9.
aliceA321: Tonight…. make it magnificent.
aliceA321: Northern Lights in ICM waves.
aliceA321: It was enchanting to meet you.
aliceA321: As long as there is you.
aliceA321: Autumn.
aliceA321: I put a spell on you….
aliceA321: Peace in all its splendor….
aliceA321: Lonely beach.
aliceA321: And she had fun fun fun….
aliceA321: Where does the wind go?
aliceA321: Where are you going to...
aliceA321: Yellow.
aliceA321: You dazzle me…
aliceA321: Everything we need is here.
aliceA321: In between days 🍁❄️
aliceA321: I’ll be your mirror…
aliceA321: Deep blue cold day.
aliceA321: ….and only the silence is near…
aliceA321: Snowflakes, snowflakes…
aliceA321: ….it smiles at me…
aliceA321: My peace of mind ✨
aliceA321: Goodbye Moon.
michel di Méglio: The beginning and the end....
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