michael_d_beckwith: Blackpool Tower Ballroom
michael_d_beckwith: Lindisfarne Castle
michael_d_beckwith: St Marys RC Church The Hdden Gem Side View
michael_d_beckwith: St Marys RC Church The Hidden Gem
michael_d_beckwith: Castle Howard Chapel
michael_d_beckwith: Hutton in the Forest
michael_d_beckwith: Samlesbury Hall Parlour Room
michael_d_beckwith: Bury Parish Church
michael_d_beckwith: York Minster
michael_d_beckwith: Rievaulx Abbey Nave
michael_d_beckwith: The John Rylands Library Reading Room
michael_d_beckwith: Todmorden Town Hall
michael_d_beckwith: The Athenaeum Dining Room
michael_d_beckwith: The Athenaeum Committee Room
michael_d_beckwith: The Athenaeum Library
michael_d_beckwith: The Athenaeum News Room
michael_d_beckwith: Lincoln Cathedral Nave
michael_d_beckwith: Chester Cathedral Choir 2
michael_d_beckwith: Chester Cathedral Choir 1
michael_d_beckwith: Chester Cathedral Nave
michael_d_beckwith: Blackpool Sacred Heart Church Nave
michael_d_beckwith: Leeds Cathedral Nave
michael_d_beckwith: Bradford Cathedral Nave
michael_d_beckwith: Blackburn Cathedral Nave
michael_d_beckwith: Nottingham Cathedral Nave
michael_d_beckwith: Nottingham Cathedral The Blessed Sacrament Chapel
michael_d_beckwith: Bolton Abbey
michael_d_beckwith: Astley Hall Stucco Room
michael_d_beckwith: Astley Hall Cromwell Room
michael_d_beckwith: Astley Hall Oak Bedroom