dnktb812: Japanese anemone 15:18:59
dnktb812: Zinnia 11:43:40
dnktb812: Encounter
dnktb812: Makeup
dnktb812: Traditional performance of fireman
dnktb812: Cluster performance
dnktb812: Display in the sky
dnktb812: Japanese beauty berry 2020
dnktb812: Spider lilies 16:15:00
dnktb812: Weed control 17:24:59
dnktb812: Cosmos 15:48:45
dnktb812: Cosmos 15:52
dnktb812: TOKYO 2020
dnktb812: On overpass in front of the station
dnktb812: Egyptian starcluster 12:56
dnktb812: Zinnia 11:30:38
dnktb812: Zinnia 11:23:57
dnktb812: Flowers 10:29:17
dnktb812: Zinnia 11:32:09
dnktb812: Kitten and boy
dnktb812: Passing the limited express train
dnktb812: Cosmos ‏‎13:24:38
dnktb812: Zinnia 12:13:56
dnktb812: Common hollyhock ‏‎‏‎11:05:30
dnktb812: Old apartment
dnktb812: DSC_3098oo
dnktb812: Common hollyhock ‏‎12:02:03
dnktb812: Mexican fire plant (Fire-on-the-mountain)
dnktb812: Moon through the streetlight filter
dnktb812: In the valley of the city