absurdlittletree: into the flood again
absurdlittletree: Cause you have lost your soul
absurdlittletree: social anxiety
absurdlittletree: our light miles
absurdlittletree: I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.
absurdlittletree: my trees will reach the sky
absurdlittletree: we are diamonds taking shape
absurdlittletree: same windows opening to different lifes
absurdlittletree: crappy coffee at 5:00 am
absurdlittletree: sunset soon forgetton
absurdlittletree: it’s never too late to have a happy childhood
absurdlittletree: I felt my heart crack slowly like a pomegranate, spilling its seeds
absurdlittletree: Sermon of death says Jupiter is the loneliest planet
absurdlittletree: searchin’ for the water, hoin’ for the rain
absurdlittletree: but at least I know that the world is spinning
absurdlittletree: could you tell me what is real?
absurdlittletree: to my younger self
absurdlittletree: misinterpretations
absurdlittletree: in the world my demons cultivate
absurdlittletree: l’océan des nuages
absurdlittletree: once a skylover, always a skylover
absurdlittletree: a piece of sky
absurdlittletree: breath them in
absurdlittletree: I wandered lonely as a cloud
absurdlittletree: old miles still sucking the warm milk of summer
absurdlittletree: there is another sky,ever serene and fair.
absurdlittletree: leaves of grass
absurdlittletree: every path is the right path