streetspirit13: Arm yourself with patience, how right the expression is! Patience is indeed a weapon, and who takes it, nothing can destroy it. Without it, we are automatically delivered to whim or despair. Emil Michel Cioran.
streetspirit13: Confinement.Good mom, are we taking the dog out ?
streetspirit13: Envole toi
streetspirit13: Confinement. Good courage and patience.
streetspirit13: Confinement.
streetspirit13: It is strange how we are afraid of something because we have been prepared to be afraid. Ngugi WA Thiong`O.
streetspirit13: Au Champs de Mars.
streetspirit13: It all starts with a coffee
streetspirit13: Au comptoir.
streetspirit13: Le cours Ju en musique
streetspirit13: The passage
streetspirit13: In the subway car with work injuries on your back He would have cursed his life but a look around him He was taking away the right to moan in front of all those much more to complain about...
streetspirit13: Au comptoir
streetspirit13: Happiness is a soap bubble that changes color like the iris and bursts when touched
streetspirit13: nose stuck to the window.
streetspirit13: Through the ashtray of the Mucem
streetspirit13: We are so small, the world is so big. What would life be like without our Mum.
streetspirit13: Au comptoir
streetspirit13: Toy of yesteryear for today's chid
streetspirit13: Les spaghettis.
streetspirit13: Wingardium Leviosa ⚡‍
streetspirit13: Transhumance.
streetspirit13: Le départ.
streetspirit13: La photographe.
streetspirit13: Sorry girls, my heart is mom!
streetspirit13: The smoker
streetspirit13: Street portrait.
streetspirit13: Serious reading.