streetspirit13: Toy of yesteryear for today's chid
streetspirit13: Les spaghettis.
streetspirit13: Wingardium Leviosa ⚡‍
streetspirit13: Transhumance.
streetspirit13: Le départ.
streetspirit13: La photographe.
streetspirit13: Sorry girls, my heart is mom!
streetspirit13: The smoker
streetspirit13: Street portrait.
streetspirit13: Serious reading.
streetspirit13: my little hat.
streetspirit13: the girl and the kitten.Cat eyes
streetspirit13: Je suis amoureux d'une cigarette. Toute la sainte journée elle me colle au bec...
streetspirit13: Teddy bear
streetspirit13: It's not because we photograph reality that we show reality-S. Bassignac
streetspirit13: People on the subway
streetspirit13: People subway.
streetspirit13: People in the metro
streetspirit13: A dalmatian on the subway
streetspirit13: Lady blue
streetspirit13: A quoi bon bouger, quand on peut voyager si magnifiquement dans une chaise ?
streetspirit13: Autant en emporte le vent
streetspirit13: La vie est comme un manège dont chaque tour nous vieillit un peu.
streetspirit13: Follow the path.
streetspirit13: La mer est calme Je la regarde Et j'attends les remous Les grandes lames Et les hallebardes Qui emportent tout.
streetspirit13: Alone in the street.
streetspirit13: I can't help but put my fingers in my nose as I have in spite of myself far too many emotions to find these treasures of dust and gold so as not to give in to the voluptuousness of my fingers and my nose ...
streetspirit13: An angel passes