mpyjydpq63: Barren landscape
mpyjydpq63: Blue and Pink
mpyjydpq63: Stacked Wrecks
mpyjydpq63: Abstract 17AB
mpyjydpq63: Abstract 15B
mpyjydpq63: Abstract 6C
mpyjydpq63: A View From The Precipice
mpyjydpq63: Variation3 on RED YELLOW GREEN
mpyjydpq63: Abstract 7C
mpyjydpq63: Summer to Fall
mpyjydpq63: Flames
mpyjydpq63: Juguetón
mpyjydpq63: Barn in Field
mpyjydpq63: Barn17
mpyjydpq63: Abandoned Farm 7
mpyjydpq63: wrinkled color
mpyjydpq63: Abstract 15AB
mpyjydpq63: Weathered Barn3
mpyjydpq63: Barn and Field
mpyjydpq63: Variations on Yellow and Red
mpyjydpq63: On A Hill silhouette
mpyjydpq63: After Harvest
mpyjydpq63: Abstract 01
mpyjydpq63: Road at Night
mpyjydpq63: Farm and Field
mpyjydpq63: Vibrations 1
mpyjydpq63: Cabin in woods 2
mpyjydpq63: morning