camperrin: Bali street vendor
camperrin: Sunrise over the House
camperrin: Reflections by the Harbour
camperrin: Rain by the Harbour
camperrin: Tokyo views
camperrin: Under the Bridge
camperrin: Sydney Laneway
camperrin: Canggu kids
camperrin: Resting in the Sun, Bologna
camperrin: Opera House at sunset
camperrin: Chinatown lights, Sydney
camperrin: Opera House reflections
camperrin: Bologna streets by night
camperrin: The House through a fence
camperrin: Entrance to the Old Town, Lecce - Puglia
camperrin: Bologna street scene
camperrin: Beachside in Bali
camperrin: saNDBar sign. Bali
camperrin: Gengenbach, Black Forest
camperrin: Gion, Kyoto at night
camperrin: Shinjuku Storefront
camperrin: the Traffic of Shinjuku
camperrin: Kyoto's Gion District at night
camperrin: Hakone Temple lights
camperrin: Sydney laneway - Chinatown
camperrin: Balinese Sunset
camperrin: Bali food vendors
camperrin: Akihabara bridge night
camperrin: Sunset by the Fence. Mortimer Bay, Tasmania
camperrin: The lanes of Lecce, Puglia