fiomamyblue: Pirates in Malta
fiomamyblue: The hills are in bloom
fiomamyblue: Self portrait
fiomamyblue: What do you want to be? The statue
fiomamyblue: My brother watching the world
fiomamyblue: My third husband
fiomamyblue: Take my rose of nothing
fiomamyblue: Hellp Dolly
fiomamyblue: Get rid of the devil
fiomamyblue: Do you remember Leon?
fiomamyblue: The photo for the tombstone
fiomamyblue: Lecce Vs Bari
fiomamyblue: My beautiful utopia
fiomamyblue: Without masters
fiomamyblue: Pro smoke (self portrait)
fiomamyblue: My grandfatherMiss you!
fiomamyblue: If it is love, it bleeds you
fiomamyblue: I'm the goblin of the countryside
fiomamyblue: Old man
fiomamyblue: Ciuchino and my tits
fiomamyblue: Purse snatcher #2
fiomamyblue: Postal market