evablanchardcouet: sortie entre ados - teenagers
evablanchardcouet: Maman surveille toujours
evablanchardcouet: sky of blue
evablanchardcouet: little egret / reflections
evablanchardcouet: little ones
evablanchardcouet: closed - MacroMondays - closed
evablanchardcouet: low tide & a red boat
evablanchardcouet: autumn colors
evablanchardcouet: low tide - Andernos-Les-Bains
evablanchardcouet: in the early morning mist
evablanchardcouet: dry & faded on the ground
evablanchardcouet: shadow play
evablanchardcouet: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
evablanchardcouet: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
evablanchardcouet: sunset - low tide
evablanchardcouet: black & white
evablanchardcouet: acts of incivility or what the f** should this ?
evablanchardcouet: yellow flower at the lake
evablanchardcouet: life in the lake
evablanchardcouet: blue boat !
evablanchardcouet: heron & aigrette
evablanchardcouet: it's all mine ! :-)
evablanchardcouet: Spatule / Spoonbill in the morning sun
evablanchardcouet: dramatic sky - flesh shows the way