thetusks 1: DSC_5587 Bald Eaglet @ Centerport learning to hunt for itself & doing well
Albatross Imagery: Catch of the day!!
robertovillaopere: Chiurlo maggiore - Numenius arquata - Curlew
Ian_McGill: Northern Brown Argus (Aricia artaxerxes)
Queen of the Swarm: Spring...preening duck
karinrogmann: Friday's Flower Power
Patricia Buddelflink: Mystic morning, the lake is warmer than the air
Gordon Magee: Variegated Fritillary (Euptoieta claudia)
dom67150: Loup noir Timberwolf
Mark Schocken: Looking Things Over
Mark Schocken: Duke Returns but the Duchess is not Happy
brookis-photography: I can do red too!
Marty Swindells: Black swallowtail butterfly
Marty Swindells: Black swallow tail buttrfly
Marty Swindells: Black swallowtail butterfly
michèledaoust: Bécassin à long bec _ Long billed Dowitcher
NaturewithMar: Late summer colors
Laszlo Bacs: The Sun Will Rise Again
Summerside90: Scarlet Tanager (female)
Summerside90: Wilson's Warbler
Jan Thomas Landgren: Eurasian Sparrowhawk 2020-09-14_02
Jan Thomas Landgren: Red Kite 2020-09-13_01
Jan Thomas Landgren: Red Kite 2020-09-14_01
DaveSticker: Unicorn Prominent Caterpillar [Schizura unicornis]
JohnKuriyan: The Sun Also Rises
Flowerikka B: All senses scharpened
flaviobergo: IMG_7099
John Neziol: Just a Little Dribble
Gary Grossman: Wyoming Landscape
davidlawrence15: Great White Egret.