Un jour en France: Winter, last day
Un jour en France: Lève-tôt pour se faire plaisir
Ξǁ Mikica Kosanović ǁΞ: Seagull wants and knows how to get it
Jim Zenock: 14-_MG_6070_DxO-001
enneafive: Hesbania
enneafive: Harvest
Jean-Daniel David: Chenille du Bombyx disparate_01
Leo Kramp: Posbank Sunrise | Zonsopkomst Posbank
Jean-Louis DUMAS: Man in black mirror
rosedenovembre: Namibie, lac asséché.
Mihalis Kapataf: copycat
KnutAusKassel: wild-life
Catherine Gidzinska and Simon Gidzinski: Food in PNG surprised me. Many Pacific countries we visited are flooded with Western fast food. In PNG we were always treated with amazing local food. On the photo, locals are preparing a traditional dish on a huge palm leaf. First, coconut milk is poure
Bifalo: C'est dur...
 Jean-Yves JUGUET : Karo tribe, Omo Valley, Ethiopia -Tribu Karo, Vallée de l'Omo, Ethiopie
airboy123: White-tailed deer
feerik010: L1150119c
The Green Album: Life imitating art
altsaint: CR Shark Silhouette II
l plater: Bob The Builder
t-nomacchi: 揖斐長良大橋
nickves55: Phuket
nickves55: IMG_4617