Sonofsono: Infra sheet test potrait
Sonofsono: Streets of oulu trough +100 years old camera 2
Sonofsono: Streets of oulu trough +100 years old camera 1
Sonofsono: Koitelli rapids shot on 56 years old film
Sonofsono: tree silhouette in winter day
Sonofsono: Old power line
Sonofsono: fog machine test with filter
Sonofsono: New year flower
Sonofsono: crowd watching rockets
Sonofsono: Rockets to welcome new year
Sonofsono: Light in the dark
Sonofsono: Construction in the winter
Sonofsono: Waiting for master
Sonofsono: Old AT cannon
Sonofsono: Lone tree in winter night
Sonofsono: Under the road in winter night
Sonofsono: Christmas in Finland night
Sonofsono: Kaionharju Hämärällä
Sonofsono: Snowy day in october
Sonofsono: Dead still standing
Sonofsono: Abandoned loading dock
Sonofsono: Old warehouse terminal
Sonofsono: Oulu downtown in cool autumn day
Sonofsono: Climate march in Oulu Finland
Sonofsono: Light at up stream
Sonofsono: Autumn river in city
Sonofsono: Down town stream
Sonofsono: Time for prayer
Sonofsono: Nightly magic
Sonofsono: Nightly gathering