rienschrier: Shades of grey...
@josemariaameise: @josemariaameise
AMIR TAJLILI: an autumn day III
evakongshavn: Ready Steady Gooooo
Joseph Hollick: Only a Few Cars Waiting for the Ferry on Pelee Island
kevinwg: Eastern Grey Squirrel, Black Phase
Joseph Hollick: Pelee Islander II Arriving at Pelee Island
allen ramlow: DarkHarvest_053
allen ramlow: DarkHarvest_058
allen ramlow: DarkHarvest_066
Calvin Hanson Photos: The other pair of wild Mute Swans photographed today. They arrived in the Spring for several weeks, left for the Summer, and returned Sept 20th and are still here - Oct 23-2019
grzegorzmielczarek: La Gare de Liège-Guillemins
marijke b.: Bermuda Cahow Cam, Nonsuch Island, Bermuda 23-10-2019 Back !
marijke b.: California Condor Cam, Pole Canyon, Southern California 23-10-2019 Juvie
marijke b.: NEFL Bald Eagle Nest Cam, NE Florida 23-10-2019 Samson
markwilkins64: A Colourful Walk....
▲ Bittersweet Tristesse: Merodeé con mi alma.
▲ Bittersweet Tristesse: To see with the spotless soul
Beegee49: Hello Chaps
Beegee49: Bicycles and Motorcycles.
Simon W. Photography: AbbaMania. Chesterfield (15). Oct 2019